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What is Keys 2 Drive?
Keys2drive is the single largest National Learner Driver safety program in Australia’s history. The program has been developed by the Australian Automobile Association (AAA) and its members: NRMA, RACV, RACQ, RACWA, RAASA, RACT and AANT. The Australian Government has committed $17 million over five years to implement keys2drive nationally.
To help reduce the high crash risk of young drivers, Keys2drive fosters the relationship between the learner driver and their supervisor under the guidance of a keys2drive accredited professional driving instructor, through a free lesson paid for by the Australian Government.



Why Keys2drive?
We know that learner drivers are the safest drivers on the road, but the moment that they are no longer supervised – when they gain their P plates and begin to drive solo – their risk jumps dramatically (20 – 30 times).
This risk remains greatest for the first six months of solo driving. Coaching and support for Learner drivers in how to learn safe driving behaviour is an extremely important factor in reducing the risk associated with solo.


How does Keys2drive work?
By using new learning methods, Keys2drive sets out to positively influence young drivers’ behaviour and their approach to solo driving. The program also aims to improve the quality and quantity of supervised learning by helping parent/supervising drivers to be more effective in their training role.



Keys2drive has three key components:
•    ‘Free Lesson’ by a keys2drive accredited professional driving instructor for learner drivers when they are accompanied by their supervisor (usually dad or mum or a family friend).
•    Website – rich in learning information and supporting material.
•    Voluntary accreditation scheme for professional driving instructors wishing to participate in the program – includes initial training, ongoing professional development and commitment to a keys2drive code of practice developed in consultation with the driver training industry.
Registration for learner drivers, supervisor and driving instructors is available at   

Book a Lesson
You can now book your driving lesson online! Just click through to our booking form and fill out your details and we will be in contact shortly to confirm the lesson.


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