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How to Pass Your VicRoads Drive Test in Leongatha 

Seriously , there's no quick fix, Leongatha has a number of traps for anyone going for licence test...

The poor line-markings in some areas and tricky intersections alone make some parts of the test hard. 

1st- Sit your Hazard Perception Test

         While your in VicRoads get them to check your logbook

         for any mistakes that can be fixed before your drive.

        Aim for more than your 120 hours


        (this is a minimum try for at least 130 hours and around


        25-30 hours in the night driving rather than 20)


2nd- Get some Professional Lessons if you haven't already. Its                 better to get a few extra lessons and be confident you will               pass than try to be cheep, risk failing and have to go back.... 


        Do a practice test with your instructor.  If they have to guide           you in any way you're probably not ready.....  



        Get to know the roads you will be using on your test



3rd- Read as much info as you can, a great place to start is





         Any Good Instructor Will Go Through These points with you and make sure your ready to pass your driving test Prior to the big day.





On The Day, relax. Your Just taking the Licence Testing Officer (LTO) for a drive . Don't Rush Anything, And Pay attention to what your Instructor has told you in your lessons... And Remember if your unsuccessful you can always go back and try again. We all get nervous and make mistakes. But if you Have done as your instructor has taught you , you should do fine... 

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